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Every thing you always wanted to know about Sironta but were afraid to ask

Here you can find a selection of the frequently asked questions about Sironta.
We hope you find the one you are searching for.

·What is Sironta?

Sironta is a program used to work collaboratively, share files and information based on Peer-to-Peer operation.

·Why do I need Sironta?

Do you work with partners? Do you share files with your friends and family? Are you sick of your e-mail limitations? You need Sironta, just try it.

·How can I get Sironta? Do I need an invitation to use Sironta?

No, you do not need an invitation. Just go to Downloads section and download it for free!

·How many ads will I have to endure?

There are no ads inside Sironta.

·Can I find Sironta in the social networks?

Of course! Just go to Sironta's Facebook page , access to Sironta's Twitter account, access the Linkedin group or enter to Sironta's Youtube channel.

·Does Sironta store information about my documents?

No, your documents and the information about them is only visible for the users of the room. Sironta, as an enterprise, have not got access to your documents.

·Is Sironta secure?

Sironta is completely secure because of its Peer-to-Peer structure. It does not violate the terms of confidentiality or the NDA that documents inside Sironta could have.

·What will happen if Sironta dies?

If Sironta dies, you can manage it, you can evolve the software or you can hire developers that can evolve your software because it is open source. So this is why Sironta is open source, because is the only way to go fast and to keep the pace with the other people that are developing team collaboration software.

·Which is the difference between local changes and synchronized files?

The local changes are only stored in your PC and you are the only one who sees these changes. If you synchronize the room, changes will be seen by all users.

·Can I use Sironta in my Smartphone, Iphone or Ipad?

Not yet, but we are working on it.

·How many files can I share with Sironta for free?

As many as you want.

·Does the free version include all Sironta features?

Yes, it does.

·Is there a Spanish version of Sironta?

Of course, Sironta is available in English, Spanish and Catalan versions.

·Once I enter Sironta, are the rooms synchronized?

Yes, all rooms are synchronized once you enter to Sironta. If you want to watch the synchronization progress, go to Views -> Show Progress View. Then, in the Progress section, select Preferences and make click on the option Show sleeping and system operations.

·Do I need to make any changes in my network?

No, you don't need to change nothing. Just be sure that ports 5222 XMPP, 80, 22, SSH are opened.

·Can I change my user name?

Of course. Go to File - Sironta Preferences - Sironta - User account. There you can change your user name, e-mail and location.

·Which are the differences between a room and a Dedicada room?

There are two kind of rooms. The Normal and the Dedicada ones. The normal rooms are Peer-to-Peer rooms, so you will need at least another Sironta user logged in to synchronize the changes that you have realized in this kind of rooms. The Dedicada rooms are Peer-to-Peer too, but they are persistent. It means that one of the peers of the peer-to-peer network is always connected, so you always can synchronize this kind of rooms.

·Can I change the name of a room?

No. Due to secure questions it is not possible to change the name of a room.

·How can I invite other people to Sironta?

Go to People - Invite user and follow the instructions.

·Do I have a invitation limit?

No, you can collaborate with many people as you want.

·What's the difference between Sironta for free and the payment version?

The difference between the versions relies in the storage and provided backup in the company TechIDEAS. In the Professional one, you have backup on our servers, not as a central server, but as a peer more in the Peer-to-Peer paradigm. In the enterprise one, Sironta will be personalized at the needs of the enterprise user.

·How can I change my avatar picture?

Double-click on the picture and a new window will appear. There you can select the picture you want to be your avatar.

·How do I know if somebody has invited me?

You will receive an e-mail warning you.

·Can I recover an older version of a document?

Of course you can, just double-click on the version you want to open.

·How can I remove a document from Sironta?

Yes. Just click on the document in the Documents section and press the Delete key.

·Can I open an AutoCAD file, Matlab file, etc. with Sironta?

Yes, you can. You just need the application that runs the file installed in your PC and Sironta will recognize and manage it.

·For how long can I travel using Sironta?

Sironta gives you unlimited possibilities. You can travel as far as you want and still use Sironta.

·Which platforms does Sironta support?

Sironta is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

·Can I use Sironta with Windows and collaborate with my Linux or Mac users partners?

Of course, as if all were using the same OS.

·Can I use Sironta to collaborate in my enterprise?

Of course you can. Sironta is for collaboration work. Is there a better place for collaboration work than companies?

·Can I use Sironta off-line?

Sironta was developed to work. So it wouldn't be logical that Sironta worked only on-line, as the traditional collaboration software. Sironta can be used on-line and off-line, so you can work anytime you want even if you don't have an Internet connection.

·Can I use Sironta from multiple locations and different PCs?

Yes, you just need to enter your Sironta ID once you open Sironta.

·Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, you can look at them on Sironta Help or going to File - Sironta Preferences - General - Keys.

·Wow, 90 Mb! This is too much, isn't it?

No, it isn't. If you download Sironta you are downloading a collaboration software and an office suite, because Sironta has embedded. So you will have an office suite for free in your computer with Sun Microsystems and Oracle guarantee. And remember that only is already 143 Mb, but is the slightest office suite in the market.

·You say it is open source. Where can I find the source?

You can find it here. Any contribution is welcomed.


·I forgot my password. What should I do?

Enter Sironta and in the Login window click on I forgot my password. You will be redirected to a webpage where you will introduce your e-mail and your password will be sent.

·My friends have invited me but I have not received any mail.

Look in the e-mail spam folder. If you don't find your e-mail there, contact Sironta on

·I have registered but I haven't received an e-mail confirmation.

Look in the e-mail spam folder. If you don't find your e-mail there, contact Sironta on

·A user have uploaded a document to Sironta, but I don't see it.

Are you in the same room? Has he synchronized the room? And you?

·What should I do if I find a bug?

We are trying to improve Sironta every day, so it would be very helpful if you could report it to us. The best way to do it is to visit and leave a message in the Feedback section with as much details as possible as to what the bug is, how it occurred and a little bit about you computer setup.

·I'm clicking on the synchronization icon, but my friends say that they don't see the changes.

Remember that Sironta is Peer-to-Peer. It means there is no central server, so when you synchronize your partners must be connected to see the changes. If you are the only one inside the room, you cannot synchronize because anybody will see the changes. You can only do this if you have a Dedicada room. So remember, when synchronizing, you must see other users in the room to synchronize correctly.

·It always appears a 'Java null pointer exception' error.

Just update your Sironta and this error will never appear again.

·I have problems synchronizing, Sironta always says 'It was impossible to synchronyze'.

Maybe you have a firewall in your computer blocking the ports used by Sironta: 5222 XMPP, 80, 22, SSH.

·You say that Sironta synchronizes all the rooms when initializing, but I don't see it.

Go to Views - Show Progress View and in the new window menu select Preferences - Show sleeping and system operations. There you will see how Sironta is synchronizing the rooms.

·Can I contact you for any troubleshooting?

Of course you can. Go to the Feedback section and tell us your problem. We will answer you as soon as possible.
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